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10+Years of experience in moving services

Established in Shanghai moving company,Professional move move move10For many years

100+Moving professional chefs

All employees wear card mount guard,Security professionals,Provide regular services

1000+Enterprises to choose

For enterprises from all walks of life to provide professional of relocation solutions and services

10000+Family support

Accumulated for thousands of families in Shanghai to provide professional high-quality goods moved field service

Transport company

Shanghai Volkswagen company moved

Shanghai Volkswagen moved a company is a professional formal moved in Shanghai company。The main long-distance handling、Move in the city、Households to move、Office and factory relocation、Lifting、Moving air conditioning and other high-end moving services。

The company was founded in2000Years,Nearly20Move in history,Established a move from Shanghai to the various provinces and cities of the country's transportation routes,Have professional moving service team and has to move the team,Established a perfect service system and standard。

Move the details:1、A monk or nun move packaging 2、Security service 3、New home clean clean。

Three special help:Professional team、Professional tools、Professional way;For packaging、Help arrived、To help restore。

Service project

6FStandard relocation service one-stop moving experience for you

Service advantages

High-quality goods moving services Give you a different experience

  • 1Brand protection

    More than 10 years of professional moving services in Shanghai,Molded moving brand name of a shop,The cumulative service10,000A number of customers,Customer satisfaction is our constant aim。

  • 2Company strength

    There are in Shanghai10Several moving branch,Perfect moving vehicles and service personnel system,Is more than well-known enterprises designated service providers with long-term partners。

  • 3Customer commitment

    Move adhere to provide high-quality goods moving services of the masses,Stick to it“Social satisfaction,Let customer satisfaction,Employee satisfaction”Principles of three satisfaction,Establish strict after-sales service system。

  • 4Service guarantee

    Fees have clear standards,Put an end to collect fees in disorder、Disorderly price move,Provide packaging,Tear open outfit,Furniture,Lifting and other professional services team,Improve moving experience。

Why choose us

Why do you choose Shanghai Volkswagen to move

Updated in real time to move information transport,A telephone query!

  • Moving company
    More quickly

    More driver waiting in real time,Immediately to place an order

  • Moving company
    More at ease

    Move the master by the professional training mount guard,More professional

  • Moving company
    More intelligent

    Intelligent platform,A key match,Meet your requirements

  • Moving company

    Price concessions,Make you more save worry

Moved in a move to the end

The used people say yes

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Shanghai family moved to Hong Kong
Shanghai family moved to Hong KongTime: 2019-08-01

The move experience is really good,The master special praise。Move quickly,And polite,It burst。Still looking for your next time,Pretty good,There are some things we are both to carry,The master one,Rare ...

Shanghai to nanjing office workers to move
Shanghai to nanjing office workers to moveTime: 2019-08-01

I really liked to move the small company,Teacher is very punctual,To move the charge is based on。Is a very good teacher、Enthusiasm is loyal,Service attitude is very good,Charge is reasonable、In strict accordance with the ...

Beijing to Shanghai people to move
Beijing to Shanghai people to moveTime: 2019-08-01

Go down the whole moving process,My sense is that moving charges are based on。It's nice!The master never increase,Not like some moving company,The promise of low price,When we move it to increase,It will increase! ...

Shanghai long distance transport moving to Taiwan
Shanghai long distance transport moving to TaiwanTime: 2019-08-01

Moving good after-sales service。Teacher's service is very nice,All tired sweaty didn't complain,Very good,The service is good,Good attitude,Good job,Such large moving company to give a high praise,Trustworthy。I ...

Shanghai changning district equipment hoisting handling
Shanghai changning district equipment hoisting handlingTime: 2019-07-31

I am read the comments to choose the equipment hoisting transport company,The whole equipment handling service process specification,Crane teacher is very nice,Business professional,Work attitude seriously,Great,Customer service telephone service in place,The whole ...

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Move move to send what flower is good,Send the sample for it!
Move move to send what flower is good,Send the sample for it!

Sending flowers to each other to move is a common gift,Such as lily、Anthurium、Butterfly orchid、Carnation、Strelitzia, etc,Have good moral,Suitable for gift for moving,So in particular,What are suitable for moving gift?As Shanghai Volkswagen moving company below small make up together and see it! Suitable for...

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What is the rate of moving company,How much is the charge standard?

Moving company is usually how to charge?What is the charge standard?Moving company to provide the service price is one of the important reference user choose moving company,Charge moving services normally associated with vehicle range、Artificial transportation distance and the height of the building and so on,The following and under the small make up together to learn more about it! To move...